Alliph general translation services in Dubai

Alliph general translation services in Dubai
What is general translations?

One of the most common types of translation and the one that is most
used today is general translation. This is the simplest type of translation
as it implies only ordinary, day to day speech. General translations do not
require specific expertise or a specialization but requires a translator to
be an expert in linguistics, the local market, and the customs.
Do Alliph offers general translation services?
Alliph is a certified and legal translation organization providing all kinds
general document translations in a number of languages by human
translators only. As a translation agency, Alliph cater diverse business
segments and provide on-demand, affordable, high-quality and
professional translation services. The human translators of Alliph are
trained professionals who has the language expertise to understand the
grammar, style, tone, and idioms that are unique to the language which
is generally lost in machine translation. Alliph understands the
importance of accuracy and precision for general translations thus
delivers all sorts of general translations by human translators. Alliph has
established itself as a leading provider of general translation services in
all fields and take pride in being a pioneer in the industry.
What kind general translations are provided by Alliph?
➢ News articles
➢ Travelogues
➢ Private or business letters
➢ Pamphlets
➢ Blog articles
➢ Business letters
➢ User guides
➢ Business training materials
➢ General business documents
➢ Handwritten letters
➢ Recorded conversations
➢ Broadcast news footage
➢ Operating manuals
➢ Educational notes
➢ Chats/communications
➢ Job applications etc.
How much does it costs for general translations?
It depends upon the content types, words, turnaround time and on the
complexity of the content and the source and target language. So, it
varies accordingly after reviewing the content by the reviewer of Alliph
the cost is quoted for the required translation.
Is Alliph a legal translation organization?
Alliph is a legal and certified translation organization as it offers the
expert certified translators who are proficient and experienced in
delivering all translations at professional level. The translations by Alliph
are accepted by the legal agencies.
What services are offered by Alliph?

  1. Accurate:
    • Alliph provides an accurate human based translation services
    • The professional translation experts of Alliph aims to retain the spirit
    and style of your original document
  2. Thorough:
    • The team member and the translators of Alliph check every
    translation for spelling, punctuation and grammar
    • Alliph guarantees the consistency and tone across a range of
    • Alliph even provides experienced and specialist proofreaders
  3. Turnaround Time:
    • Alliph assures the speedy turnaround services for all types of
    • Alliph provides top-notch services and deliver accurately translated
    documents within hours and days depending on the project
  4. Specific:
    • Alliph assign each translation project to an experienced translator
    with relevant specialist industry knowledge
  5. Cost-Effective:
    • Alliph guarantees you the most cost-effective document translation
  6. Confidential:
    • Alliph keep all your data safe and encrypted
  7. Human translators:
    • Alliph provides only human based translation services with assuring
    the exactitude.