(2) Alliph medical translation services in Dubai

(2) Alliph medical translation services in Dubai
What is intended by medical translation?

Medical translation is the practice of translating various documents
training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets etc. for health
care, medical devices, marketing, or clinical, regulatory and technical
documentation to make it understandable.
Why do you require medical translations?
➢ Medical translation is required as to provide necessary care and
treatment to the patients belonging to another country with having
different languages and dialects
➢ Medical translation is important as to communicate with the patients
effectively who speak different languages
➢ Medical translation is necessary as to make different staff and
operators aware of the usage and operating of various medical
➢ Medical translations are required for translating various summaries
and notes when someone move to a foreign country for treatment
Is Alliph a qualified and proficient source of medical translation

Alliph is the legitimate and qualified translation service provider in Dubai,
offering its best translation services for medical industry with
encompassing countless languages. As it is known that medical
translation covers different fields in medical industry that need to be
translated professionally with assurance of precision and exactitude like
information attained for pharmaceutical products, translations of
important medical document, patient medical reports and notes, and
research findings etc. Alliph the validated translation organization
provides every type of translation related to medical industry and covers
every introductory to secondary terms. Alliph offers quick, precise and
proficient translation services in 130 languages whether the translation
is for marketable purpose or for personal use. Alliph offers the fastest
translation services for the costumers and it upholds the reliability for
delivering the medical translation services.
What categories of medical text translations are provided by Alliph?

  1. Medical interpreting services
  2. Medical technical translation services
  3. Medical document translation services
  4. Medical label and device translation services
  5. Medical research sector translation services
  6. Medical training and learning material translation services etc.
    What forms of medical translations are offered by Alliph?
    ➢ Medical history
    ➢ Medical examination
    ➢ Medication records
    ➢ Admission sheet
    ➢ Results from diagnostic tests
    ➢ Progress notes
    ➢ Consent forms
    ➢ Discharge summary
    ➢ Referral summary
    ➢ Treatment history
    ➢ Summary of operative procedures
    ➢ Final diagnosis
    ➢ Discharge plan and many more.
    Is Alliph a valid translation organization?
    Alliph is an approved and accepted translation organization in many
    government agencies, embassies, consulates, and chambers in different
    countries. It uses the latest management tools and a huge template
    database to speed up quality translation. All translations are human
    based provided by the expert legal translators who are certified. Alliph
    follows ISO standards, as well as internal policies to ensure world-class
    quality of every type of translations. Alliph has a broad pool of native,
    experienced translators with varying industry-background. Alliph
    provides an express delivery option for urgent projects with global
    delivery centers.
    Which services are offered by Alliph?
    ✓ 24 hours available services
    ✓ Offers translation at reliable cost
    ✓ Experienced and expert translators
    ✓ Different field of subject expertise
    ✓ Covers various languages
    ✓ Translates all kinds of documents with certified label
    ✓ Translate the documents concisely
    ✓ Validated translation service provider
    ✓ Trustworthy translation services
    ✓ Efficient completion of projects
    ✓ Secured file sharing panel
    ✓ Privacy and secrecy maintained
    ✓ 130 languages offered