Alliph legal translation services in Dubai

(2) Alliph legal translation services in Dubai
What is legal translation?
Legal translation is the field of translation that transforms legal
documents and material from one language to another, respecting the
original meaning. This sort of translation consists of a procedure that
takes into account legal background.
What is the significance of legal translation?
Legal translation is a vital part of businesses, marketing and personal
everyday life that work with people who use different languages. Legal
translations may be necessary for reasons such as being approved for a
local business license, being allowed to merge the business with another,
or bringing in an employee from another part of the world or for legal
purposes that we deal on daily basis.
Do Alliph offer legal certified translation services?
Alliph the certified translation organization offers admirable legal
translation services in over 130 different languages. Alliph provides the
fast, accurate and proficient translation services in multiple languages
whether the translation is to marketplace your merchandise globally or
to commercialize the business marketing and even for personal use.
Alliph consist of 300 active representatives who works together to
provide the essential services to arena and to gain the top notch clients
globally. Alliph provide this kind of translations with significant services
that comprises of several legal documents, legislative texts and articles
on legal themes. The dedicated translators of Alliph comprehends the
legal requirements that are prime necessity of the particular document
or targeted sector. Alliph and its translators possess legal terms and
knowledge that is required for legal translations and assures the
authenticity of legal texts as it requires certification to be considered
valid and officially lawful. Thus, Alliph the legal and certified translation
company stands among the leading translation service providers and all
around the globe millions of people favor Alliph for different kinds of
legal translations.
What type of legal translations are provided by Alliph?
➢ Legal business contracts and agreements
➢ Business related documents
➢ Apostilles
➢ Notarization
➢ Court related documents
➢ Real-estate documents
➢ Property related documents
➢ Corporate law
➢ Bankruptcy
➢ Criminal law
➢ Mergers and acquisitions
➢ Family law
➢ Immigration law
➢ Patents, trademarks and copyrights
➢ Arbitration
➢ Tax Law
➢ Intellectual property law
➢ Insurance law
➢ Product liability
➢ Labor and employment law
➢ Dockets translation
➢ Pleadings translation
➢ Memoranda translation
➢ Briefstranslation
➢ Orders translation
➢ Expert testimony translation
➢ Dishonor of cheque translation
➢ Application for child custody translation
➢ Sale documents formats translation
➢ Power of attorney translation
➢ Partnership agreements translation
➢ Indexes translation
➢ Court minutes translation
➢ Judgments translation
➢ Case files translation
➢ Witness lists translation
➢ Jury recordstranslation
➢ Wills, probate and inheritance-related documents etc.
Which services are provided by Alliph?
✓ Provides high quality translations
✓ Accuracy and confidentiality assured
✓ Turns documents around within timescales
✓ Maintains a level of legal accuracy
✓ Translators are vastly experienced
✓ Provides subject expert translators
✓ Years of experience in translations
✓ Accredited institute of translation and interpreting
✓ Certified to ISO standard
✓ Provides certification for all translations
✓ Provides certified translation
✓ Human based translations
✓ Signed and stamped certificate of translation
✓ Translations for all types of legal documentation
✓ Unique and highly technical language
✓ Provides reliable and skilled translators
✓ Assist you with your legal document translation requirements