Alliph subtitling services in Dubai

Alliph subtitling services in Dubai
Subtitling can be defined as the process of adding text to any audio-visual
medium (film, television, promotional and corporate videos) to convey
the message that is being spoken. Subtitle translation may be the
subtlest tasks of all. In part, this is because a given speech segment may
be far longer or shorter in one language than another. It may also require
greater context to be comprehensible to people with another language
and culture. It requires real expertise to make sure that the style and
attitude of the original comes across correctly in the subtitles.
Alliph subtitling services
Alliph the certified translation organization providing the subtitling
services and works with subtitle translators who are native speakers of
the target language. They ensure that your subtitles sound just right and
tell the right story to your audience. Other team members of Alliph
handle the technical aspects of synchronization, subtitle format and,
where needed, inserting the subtitles into the video. Subtitle files can be
supplied in any of the supported formats you may require. Alliph
provides confidence that your video will look and sound right to all your
audiences around the world, wherever they live and whatever language
they speak. Subtitling rates are generally set per minute of source video.
Alliph give you a detailed quote based on the specifics of your project,
source and target languages, time frames, sound quality and so forth.
Let’s discuss how Alliph help you to reach all your target audiences. The
subtitling services by Alliph is perfect for movies, TV shows, video games,
eLearning and multimedia training material. Subtitling is the perfect way
to make your content more accessible and can be done in over 130
languages. Alliph work in your native files to provide you with a seamless
localization experience.
Who needs subtitling services?
Subtitling services are needed for any video with an international
audience. Some of the uses are:
✓ A company illustrating the advantages of its product through videos
on its site
✓ A studio releasing a feature film in foreign markets
✓ Public information videos that need to be closed-captioned to make
them accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing.
✓ E-learning platforms hosting video lessons and lectures that need to
reach a multinational audience
✓ A software company hosting instructional videos on its web site or
Why subtitle your videos?
There can be many reasons behind subtitling while watching a media.
Not necessarily the person should be deaf/ hard of hearing, there can be
other reasons too that include:
➢ There is a loud noise while viewing a media
➢ Watching media in a foreign language
➢ Watching sensitive subject matter media in public
➢ Watching educational videos and taking notes
Alliph provide subtitling services which Include:
➢ Video subtitling services
➢ Broadcast subtitling services
➢ Television and film subtitling services
➢ Documentary subtitling services
➢ Promotion and advertising subtitles
➢ Online training, education and learning subtitles
➢ Social media and website subtitles
➢ Television programs subtitling
➢ Educational videos subtitling
➢ Films subtitling
➢ Marketing films subtitling
➢ Webcasts and podcasts subtitling
➢ Music videos subtitling etc.
Remarkable services offered by Alliph
✓ Experienced and reliable translation services
✓ Specialized and professional translators
✓ Single language to multilingual translations
✓ Confidentiality guaranteed
✓ Notarization of translation
✓ Privacy guaranteed
✓ Accurate and correct translation corresponding to a source text
✓ Delivers the quick translation services
✓ Translation provider at truly cheap cost
✓ Provides the most trustworthy translations
✓ Determines to meet the needs of the costumers
✓ Alliph is the licensed translation service provider
✓ Aims to deliver the services on time
✓ Briefly translates the documents
✓ Offers translations in over 130 languages
✓ Alliph is available for 24 hours