Alliph interpreting services in Dubai

Alliph interpreting services in Dubai
Interpreting services are the provision of spoken or signed language
communication by a professional interpreter to convey a message from
the language of the original speaker or writer, into the language of the
listener. Alliph stands alone in its ability to schedule and deliver an inperson interpreter to your facility wherever and whenever one is
needed. Alliph is the organization that offers a solution to the need for
face-to-face interpretation in spoken languages. The trained professional
interpreters of Alliph can be scheduled by appointment and in
emergency same-day situations. Alliph provides professional
interpretation services for corporate, medical, legal, and government
sectors in over 130 languages. Alliph has redefined the language
interpretation business by delivering on-demand and just-in-time
interpreting services over the mobile phone or on-site, around the clock
and around the world.
Importance of interpretation services
In today’s rapidly growing global economy, professional and quality
interpretation solutions play an increasingly important role in an
organization’s international success by enabling it to confidently interact
with a global audience, customers and partners. Alliph has assembled
one of the world’s largest network of on-demand interpreters to provide
exceptional interpretation services in all major languages and dialects.
Interpretation services needed for various purposes that include:
➢ Business meetings
➢ Negotiations
➢ Training sessions
➢ Tours
➢ Seminars
➢ Judicial proceedings
➢ Depositions
➢ Conferences
➢ Event etc.
Here are the five major types of interpreting services offered by Alliph
➢ Consecutive Interpreting services
➢ Simultaneous Interpreting services
➢ Whisper Interpreting services
➢ Escort/travel Interpreting services
➢ Over-the-phone interpreting services
Interpretation services by Alliph for different field of areas
➢ Banking and financial sectors
➢ Legal sectors
➢ IT and software sectors
➢ Technology sectors
➢ Market research sectors
➢ Media and entertainment sectors
➢ Medical sectors
➢ Personal documents
➢ PR and marketing sectors
➢ Sport sectors
➢ Science and research sectors
➢ Travel, tourism and hospitality sectors
Interpretation services in more than 130 languages
➢ Afrikaans language
➢ American English language
➢ Amharic language
➢ Arabic language
➢ Albanian language
➢ Bengali language
➢ Bosnian language
➢ Bulgarian language
➢ Burmese language
➢ Catalan language
➢ Chinese language
➢ Croatian language
➢ Czech language
➢ Danish language
➢ Dutch language
➢ English language
➢ Estonian language
➢ Farsi language
➢ Filipino language
➢ Finnish language
➢ Flemish language
➢ French language
➢ Georgian language
➢ German language
➢ Greek language
➢ Hebrew language
➢ Hindi language
➢ Hmong language
➢ Hungarian language
➢ Icelandic language
➢ Indonesian language
➢ Italian language
➢ Japanese language
➢ Javanese language
➢ Kannada language
➢ Korean language
➢ Latvian language
➢ Lithuanian language
➢ Macedonian language
➢ Malay language
➢ Malayalam language
➢ Maltese language
➢ Marathi language
➢ Mandarin language
➢ Moldovan language
➢ Nepali language
➢ Norwegian language
➢ Pashto language
➢ Polish language
➢ Portuguese language
➢ Romanian language
➢ Russian language
➢ Serbian language
➢ Slovak language
➢ Slovenian language
➢ Somali language
➢ Spanish language
➢ Swedish language
➢ Tagalog language
➢ Tamil language
➢ Telugu language
➢ Thai language
➢ Tigrinya language
➢ Turkish language
➢ Ukrainian language
➢ Urdu language
➢ Vietnamese language and many more
Services by Alliph
✓ Accredited and certified
✓ Images of accreditations
✓ Global offices in relevant locations
✓ Financial security
✓ 24/7 global customer service and operations
✓ Around the globe image
✓ Industry specialization
✓ Approach to vetting translators
✓ Structured approach to project management
✓ Project manager qualifications
✓ Guidelines for quality assurance
✓ Reconciliation process for back translation
✓ Client review stage
✓ Data security
✓ Confidentiality processes and policies