In the globalised world of today, legal proceedings and documentation often span multiple languages and jurisdictions. Ensuring accurate and reliable translation of legal documents is crucial for maintaining clarity. Based in Dubai, Alliph Certified Translation Services specialises in providing professional language solutions customised to meet the requirements of legal papers.

Alliph Certified Translation Services offers legal translations with expertise in the following areas:

➢ Business Contracts
➢ Employment Agreements
➢ Court Documents
➢ Immigration Documents
➢ Visa Applications
➢ Residency Permits
➢ Patents
➢ Trademarks
➢ Copyright Documents
➢ Power of Attorney
➢ Memorandums

Experienced Legal Translators

At Alliph, our translators are not only skilled in multiple languages but also have knowledge of legal terms. They are experienced professionals, ensuring that they understand the complexities of legal language.

Benefits of Using Certified Translation Services

1. Legal Compliance 

Certified translations are often required by courts, agencies, and international bodies. Alliph provides translations that meet the requirements, ensuring your documents are accepted without issue.

2. Confidential data 

Alliph guarantees the highest level of confidentiality, using secure systems to handle and store your documents and data. All types of documents are secure with us.

3. Timely Delivery 

Legal matters often operate within tight time-limits. Our efficient processes and team ensure that your translations are delivered on time without compromising on quality.

4. Quality Assurance 

Each document goes through a quality control procedure. Our legal professionals will proofread and revise the documents multiple times to guarantee their correctness and consistency.

Languages Commonly Translated by Alliph

Alliph handles a diverse array of languages on a daily basis to cater to the global demand for certified translations. Some of the most commonly translated languages include:

Legal Translation in Spanish
Legal Translation in French
Legal Translation in German
Legal Translation in Chinese
Legal Translation in Japanese
Legal Translation in Arabic
Legal Translation in Portuguese
Legal Translation in Russian
Legal Translation in Italian

Unlock Legal Language Translations with Alliph

Choosing Alliph for certified translation services guarantees accuracy, dependability, and a thorough comprehension of legal intricacies. In addition to being multilingual and knowledgeable in legal jargon, our team of linguists will ensure that your documents adhere to both national and international standards.

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