Accurate translation of legal documents is crucial for ensuring compliance with local and international laws. You can count on Alliph Certified Legal Translation Company to offer translations that will meet all legal requirements, helping you avoid any potential legal issues.

 Businesses and personal legal settings often require translations in multiple languages. Alliph’s professional translation services facilitate flawless language solutions, ensuring that all legal documents are accurately translated and understood by all parties involved.

The Top Choice: Our Translation Services

1. Dedicated Legal Translation Team 

Our dedicated team of legal translation specialists collaborates closely with you, ensuring every translation meets your exact need.

2. Securing Your Information 

Learn about the advanced measures Alliph takes to safeguard the confidentiality of your sensitive legal documents, from encrypted data storage to confidentiality agreements with all translators.

3. Certification and Delivery 

Upon completion, we provide a certified translation that includes a statement of accuracy, signed and sealed by our authorised personnel. We then deliver the documents through secure channels.

4. Customised Service Packages 

Alliph offers customised service packages customised to fit your specific requirements, whether you need a one-time translation or ongoing support.

Our Services: 

Language Pairs and Specialisations Alliph Certified Translation Services covers a diverse range of language pairs, including:

➢ English to Arabic
➢ Arabic to English
➢ French to Arabic
➢ German to English
➢ Spanish to Arabic

Sector-Specific Legal Translation Services

Our expertise is not limited to general legal documents. We offer specialised translation services across various legal sectors, including:

• Corporate Law: Mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and compliance documents.

• Family Law: Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and child custody agreements.

• Criminal Law: Police reports, witness statements, and criminal proceedings documentation.

Final Thoughts 

Alliph Certified Translation Services in Dubai offers multilingual services for legal documents, ensuring your translations are precise, compliant, and delivered on time. Trust Alliph to offer translations customised to your needs and facilitate your legal processes with confidence.

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