Alliph intellectual property translation services in Dubai

Alliph intellectual property translation services in Dubai
Intellectual property relates to everything created by the human mind,
which is vital. At Alliph, our trained linguists are experts in the legal
requirements of each country and will be able to advice on the
information that must be included in intellectual property translation.
Using our team’s in-depth knowledge of legal systems and language
expertise, Alliph support you throughout your intellectual property
translation project. Our team of intellectual property translators have
experience in the legal industry, ensuring the correct terminology used
and giving you the most accurate translation possible.
Need of intellectual property translations
➢ Intellectual property translation services is crucial to protecting
businesses on a global scale
➢ Protecting your intellectual property abroad involves submitting an
application in each country where your product will be registered
in. In the official language of that country
➢ When dealing with patent filings from or in foreign countries,
requires perfect translations which is vital etc.
Intellectual property translation services by Alliph include:
➢ Patent Translation
➢ Trademark Translation (for registrations)
➢ Copyright Translation (for registrations)
➢ Licensing and Outsourcing Agreement Translation
➢ Case Law Translations
➢ Technical Documentation Translations
➢ Expert Reports Translations etc.
The team of Alliph specializes in the following:
➢ Non-disclosure agreement translation
➢ Unique shape and registered design translation
➢ Registered trademark translation and localization
➢ Patent localization and registration
Professionals of Alliph
At Alliph, our linguists have an understanding of the phrases and
terminology required for international intellectual property filings,
guaranteeing accurate translations for your business, and ensuring your
intellectual property data is protected. Alliph offer advice on any issues
you may have with filing documents in other countries, and can explain
the best ways to proceed.
Alliph knows how critical consistent and correct terminology is required
during the filing process and Alliph assign only the most qualified
professionals to your project. Our certified professional translators are
skilled in not only their native language translation, but also the patent
and trademark application process in their native countries.
Translation services offered by Alliph
✓ ISO quality translations
✓ Expert intellectual property translators
✓ Extensive experience
✓ Highly specialized field experts
✓ Correct terminology
✓ Legal jargon
✓ Meet tight deadlines
✓ Offer language support
✓ Translation process is certified
✓ Committed to provide high level of quality
✓ Deliver on time services
✓ Native linguists
✓ Cover all the major languages
✓ Skilled and highly-trained linguists
✓ Consistency and accuracy
✓ Cost efficient
✓ 24 hours customer support