Alliph e-learning localization services in Dubai

Alliph e-learning localization services in Dubai
E-learning localization is the process of modifying e-Learning content to
adapt to the needs and preferences of users in a different geographic
region. Localization can be considered essential in order for an e-learning
platform to be accessible for users with a different native language. ELearning is a rapidly expanding industry with enormous untapped
potential in the many markets where English is not the dominant
language. To help you reach them, Alliph translations has a team of
dedicated professionals to translate and localize e-learning resources in
any format, for any language. Agility, innovation, integrity, and a tireless
commitment to client satisfaction are central to everything we do at
Alliph certified translation and localizing organization. Our passionate
linguists have been working together to deliver high-quality translations
and localizations. E-learning localization is the process of translating and
adapting training content for a specific culture and language therefore,
requires the exactitude and accuracy of each term translated.
Different types of e-learning localizations by Alliph
➢ E-learning localization for corporate employees
➢ E-learning localization for students in academia
➢ E-learning localization for compliance training
➢ Localizing technology training
➢ Localizing reseller training and many more.
Demand for e-learning localization
Companies are embracing a culture of learning anytime, anywhere and
on any device. By translating and localizing your e-Learning content, you
can expand your training to any language, allowing students, employees,
and learners to fully understand and better retain your content.
Benefits of e-Learning localization by Alliph

  1. A better learning experience
  2. E-learning localization by Alliph improves market expansion efforts
  3. Employee retention and satisfaction
    Why Alliph the certified translation organization?
    ✓ Allih ensure the fastest turnaround services and quality
    ✓ Alliph use different quality control methods based on the content type
    ✓ Alliph understands and consult in regards to certain particularities on
    localization and translation topics or processes
    ✓ Alliph provides industry segmented subject matter expertise
    ✓ You will always have legal acceptance of output by Alliph
    ✓ Alliph provides qualified translation and localization services on time
    ✓ Alliph provides confidentiality to ensure the correct handling of
    delicate material
    ✓ Alliph provides review that is useful to improve the service delivery
    ✓ Alliph provides translation and localizations into many other
    languages upon customers request
    ✓ Alliph offers the full or keyword translation and localization
    ✓ Alliph meets the special annotation requirements
    ✓ Alliph provides the quality assurance
    ✓ Alliph provides the customer support services for 24\7
    ✓ Alliph provides localization and translation services from and to 130