Identity Card Translation

In this current era, where English is the international language there are still many countries whose locals are not quite acquainted with this language. Especially if your country is from the Middle East you will find it burdensome for many formal operations being carried in English rather than in the country’s local language. Even in many European countries like Spain, Italy, etc, the locals don’t bother learning the English language. This thing becomes a problem when people are faced with international business or any other work of such sort.

No need to worry anymore as Alliph is here to help you sort this problem out. Now you can have your identity card translation facility at your service. Whether you need this service at the end of the day or within an hour, will never disappoint you. Now with this service provider, you can get registered to their server in the matter of a few minutes with a certified account and can choose the language in which you want your ID card to be translated. Being an official company with a leading history of translation providence is always available for you whenever you need it for the translation of the ID card by the best and professional linguists.

Being a standard and official company, Alliph can provide you with professional and highly reliable ID card translation services with a few clicks through the help of its translation team who have government allocated certificates for this purpose. Due to its widespread fame and reliable services, is now serving in about 70 different countries. Among other languages, is now providing ID card translation in Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Thai and even in the language Urdu. For the ID cards to be translated in a notarial way, you just need to go to Here all you need to do is to upload your specific file or document on its website and leave the rest to these professional service providers.

Not just they provide you with their best services, but also they alleviate your doubts about their services with their highly professional team of translators and proofreaders. If you are concerned about your privacy, there are policies for the Privacy Agreement for you. In the case of secret information, these service providers do not proceed further unless you completely developed your trust in them. Hence all the needs of the customers are dealt with under their roof. What more, because of its affordable pricing policy, it is the only company that is providing the cheap yet the most professional and high-quality translation services to its customers.

For users who are new to this platform, all you need to do is to take a photo of your file or document or more specifically ID card through your phone and then upload and insert the file to the professional platform of translation service providers of Whether your upload is a photo of your ID card or a pdf file, the document is then submitted to the service providers where the most appropriate translator following all your needs is appointed to you.

When you visit the platform to obtain the service, simply attach your file, select the language your file is in and then select the language you want your file to be translated in and wait. Soon we will deliver you with your translated document online. If you need your document to be notarial or certified, that is no big a deal for us. Even if you want a hard copy of your translated document, you can still rely on us