Alliph translation services for government bodies in Dubai
How translation services for government bodies are important?
It’s crucial for government agencies or bodies to communicate clearly
and reliably with foreign governments therefore, it requires translation
in different languages with accuracy and professionalism. There are
further various purposes for which translation services for government
bodies are important.
Do Alliph offer translation services for government bodies?
Alliph offers translation services by human translators for government
bodies in a wide scale of languages with maintaining the accuracy and
precision of every text. Alliph employs a top-notch project management
team and extensive expert translators who are professional in
translation, linguistics and subject area of government body. A highly
trained network of native speaking translators in more than 130
languages supports this management team. Alliph considers the need
and requirements of its customer and provides experienced professional
translator who is ideally suited for your task. Alliph offers legal
translations for government bodies with precision which makes the
translated documents by Alliph suitable and acceptable for various
government bodies.
What kind of texts are translated for government bodies by Alliph?
• Journals
• Decisions
• Orders of the court
• Oral argument transcripts
• Hearings (testimony)
• Congressional reports
• Committee prints
• Record of proceedings and debates
• Bills
• Laws
• Reports
• Research reports
• Statistical publications
• Fact sheets
• Handbooks and manuals
• Presidential papers
• Budgets
• Maps and atlases
• Annual reports
• White papers
• In–house journals
• Technical reports
• National development plans
• Monographs
• Announcements of public interest
• Community health forms
• Notifications and alerts
• Registrations and disclosures etc.
Why choose Alliph?
✓ Internationally certified experts
✓ Human based native translations only
✓ Experienced translators
✓ 24\7 customer support
✓ All kinds of translations provided
✓ 130 language translations
✓ Hires exclusively specialized translators
✓ Project managers to deal the projects
✓ Ensuring smooth process without errors
✓ Quick and fast delivery of services
✓ Confidentiality assurance
✓ Professional translators
✓ Secure platform
✓ Quality control services