Alliph transcription services in Dubai

Alliph transcription services in Dubai
As we know that transcription services translate speech into written or
electronic text. Many businesses rely heavily on transcription services to
provide written records of important information that then serve many
further purposes. Thus, it increases the importance of transcription
services that should be accurately delivered. Alliph provides
transcription services in over 130 languages for all industries and
professions at an affordable rate. Alliph specialize in legal transcription,
academic research transcription, financial, insurance and investigation
transcription and general business transcription services. Our clients
upload their dictation, audio recordings of interviews, legal documents,
court hearing recordings, teleconferences, podcasts or focus groups via
our secure, cutting edge transcription workflow system. The expert
transcriptionists of Alliph deliver exceptional quality transcripts within
your chosen timeframe. Alliph can use your templates or tailor-make
templates for you at no extra cost and it cater for all realistic deadlines.
When you require transcription services?
➢ Proceedings of a court hearing
➢ Physician recorded voice notes
➢ Criminal trial
➢ Events
➢ Speeches
➢ Seminars and many more
Alliph offers 3 kinds of transcription services

  1. Edited transcription services
  2. Intelligent transcription services
  3. Verbatim transcription services
    Alliph provides transcription services for:
    ➢ Law Firms, Paralegals, Court Reporters, and Attorneys
    ➢ Medical and Healthcare Providers
    ➢ Students, Lecturers, and Doctorates
    ➢ Market Researchers
    ➢ Events Individuals and Keynote Speakers
    ➢ Audio and Video Podcasters
    ➢ Entrepreneurs
    ➢ Video Production Firms
    ➢ Publicity Coaches
    ➢ Marketing Consultants
    ➢ Freelance Writers
    ➢ SEO Experts
    ➢ Content Strategists
    ➢ Authors etc.
    Alliph transcription services for different industrial sector
  4. Academic transcription
  5. Interview transcription
  6. Market research transcription
  7. Medical transcription
  8. Legal transcription
  9. Audio transcription
  10. Conference transcription
  11. Foreign language transcription
  12. Business transcription
    Alliph provides following services:
    ✓ Reliable transcription services
    ✓ Specialized and professional transcribers
    ✓ Single language to combined transcriptions
    ✓ Confidentiality guaranteed
    ✓ Accurate and correct transcriptions
    ✓ Quick transcription services
    ✓ Transcriptions at affordable prices
    ✓ Trustworthy transcriptions
    ✓ Meet the needs of the costumers
    ✓ Licensed transcription service provider
    ✓ Deliver the services on time
    ✓ Transcription in over 130 languages
    ✓ Available for 24 hours
    ✓ All kinds of transcription and translation services
    Professional transcribers of Alliph
    Alliph has done thousands of hours of transcription. Alliph has over 98%
    accuracy rate, all of the transcriptions are done by real people. Our
    transcriptionists are specialized in certain fields such as: medical,
    business, legal, interviews etc. They are able to transcribe all sorts of
    subjects. Alliph guarantees that you are going to receive an accurate
    transcript from us. Alliph has completed various multilingual
    transcription projects with accuracy and precision.