Alliph telecom translation services in Dubai

Alliph telecom translation services in Dubai
Technology is ever-evolving, this means a translation company needs to
evolve the translation practices too. Alliph helps its clients to
communicate with the global companies struggling to connect because
of the language barrier. The professionals of Alliph with extensive
experience in the telecom domain and a hub of native skilled linguists
brief, interpret and translate all types of documents that play a crucial
role in the telecom industry. The team of native subject matter experts
of Alliph works collaboratively to translate the documents in a fast
turnaround time. The high complex volume of all telecom translation
projects is handled professionally by the expert team members of Alliph.
As a professional translation service provider, Alliph understand that a
team of subject matter experts are the best assets to handle telecom
projects. Their knowledge and expertise and use of appropriate
terminology by expertise of Alliph make the translation accurate, from
original content, with no room for error. Alliph helps the world’s leading
telecom companies, wireless carriers, and network equipment
manufacturers to translate a full spectrum of technical documentation
and software applications with quality and speed so they can confidently
engage international customers across linguistic barriers.
Telecom industry translations
It is understood that the telecom industry requires a variety of technical
documents professionally translated in all European and Asian
languages. A linguistically fluent and technically accurate
telecommunication translation services are needed so that telecom
customers can stay ahead of the competition and grow multinational
telecommunications business in global markets.
Alliph is experienced at translating technical content for the following
telecommunications equipment:

➢ 2G/3G/LTE macro hardware localization
➢ 5G mobile equipment translation
➢ Network functions virtualization
➢ Evolved packet core
➢ Telecom tower document localization
➢ Public switching equipment translation
➢ Analogue, digital, VoIP switches
➢ Transmission equipment
➢ Transmission lines
➢ Optical fiber equipment localization
➢ Base transceiver stations
➢ Customer premises equipment
➢ Local area networks
➢ Modem localization
➢ Investors guide
➢ Bylaws and regulatory frameworks
➢ Cloud computing
➢ Telephone manual
➢ Maintenance manual
➢ ICT applications etc.
Our customer services include:
✓ Internationally certified experts
✓ Human based native translations only
✓ Experienced translators
✓ 24\7 customer support
✓ All kinds of translations provided
✓ 130 language translations
✓ Hires exclusively specialized translators
✓ Project managers to deal the projects
✓ Ensuring smooth process without errors
✓ Quick and fast delivery of services
✓ Confidentiality assurance
✓ Professional translators
✓ Secure platform
✓ Quality control services
✓ Quality telecommunications translation
✓ Linguistic experience
✓ Subject matter expertise
✓ Telecom translations with speed and at scale
✓ Best language consistency
✓ Fast turnaround and reduced translation cost