Alliph Notarized Translation Services in Dubai
Alliph Certified Translation Company provides the highest quality
notarized translation services in a wide range of languages.
We can provide certified translations of contracts, certificates, and other
important documents from and into any language in our portfolio for you
and your company.
As notarized translation is accompanied by a notarized signature
verifying the translator’s identity, it ensures the work and accuracy of the
translated document done by a specific translator. This ensures that your
document is accepted by all official and legal institutions.
Our qualified translators have all of the formal qualifications required to
produce certified translations, and they are extremely precise and
accurate when translating contracts, deeds, procedural documents, and
other legal documents, among other.
Alliph provides notarized translation services in a variety of languages:
• Translation in Latvian
• Translation in Lithuanian
• Translation in Macedonian
• Translation in Chinese
• Translation in Czech
• Translation in Danish
• Translation in Dutch
• Translation in English
• Translation in Estonian
• Translation in Malayalam
• Translation in Arabic
• Translation in Mandarin
• Translation in Hebrew etc.
Alliph provides immediate processing of all urgent translation requests
by qualified, experienced, and approved specialist translators.
Our translation services are precise and affordable.
Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at