Alliph life science translation services in Dubai

Alliph life science translation services in Dubai
Alliph brings expert knowledge to medical and life science translation.
The translators of Alliph truly understand the life science industry and
regulatory requirements. Alliph provides combination of language
translations for life science industry with covering all industry related
areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, medical device
manufacturing and more etc. With Alliph, you can be confident that your
content will be translated with complete accuracy and clarity by people
who know language and the life sciences industry inside and out. The
translators of Alliph remarkably professional at offering translations
from medical devices to healthcare, medical publishing and beyond, the
life science localization experts of Alliph are constantly adapting and
evolving with the industry. Alliph and its team members know the
terminology, the life science disciplines and the innovations that you
make and Alliph take pride in helping you bring your achievements and
knowledge to the world.
How Alliph is leading translation provider for life science industry?
➢ Alliph is fully ISO certifie
d to the latest standards
➢ Alliph has translators specializing in dozens of life science disciplines
➢ Alliph broadens clients’ global reach and bringing their, life science
research and work to new markets
➢ Alliph has experience with every step of the process, from clinical
trials to mass-market distribution
➢ Alliph know that both cost and time are huge issues in this uniquely
challenging and evolving discipline
➢ The team of translators of Alliph across the world deliver fast and
dependable international localization
Alliph linguistic organization
Alliph makes sure all life sciences translation services always get the
attention to detail you expect. Partnering with Alliph your organization
benefits from a proven, holistic approach to translation. Alliph support
you and your priorities through each step of your research to deliver the
most advantageous translation services.
Alliph offers life science translations of:
➢ Medical Device Manuals
➢ Information for Use (IFU)
➢ Advertising and Promotional Materials
➢ Clinical Studies and Reports
➢ Product Training and User Manuals
➢ Clinical Trial documentation
➢ Product Packaging and Labeling
➢ International Patents
➢ Product Websites
➢ Patient Diaries
➢ Product Data Sheets
➢ Patient Consent Forms
➢ Patient debriefing and follow-up documentation
➢ Outcomes Research Documentation
➢ Patient Outreach Documents
➢ Patient recruitment materials
➢ Case Report Forms
➢ Informed Consent Forms
➢ Adverse Event Reports
➢ Pharmacological studies
➢ Manufacturing SOPs
➢ Product information and labeling
➢ Instructions-for-use inserts
➢ Genetic testing
➢ Multimedia audio and visual
➢ Medical Research Documentation etc.
Why choose Alliph?
➢ Reliable translation services
➢ Specialized and professional translators
➢ Single language to combined translations
➢ Confidentiality guaranteed
➢ Accurate and correct translation
➢ Quick translation services
➢ Translations at affordable prices
➢ Trustworthy translations
➢ Meet the needs of the costumers
➢ Licensed translation service provider
➢ Deliver the services on time
➢ Translations in over 130 languages
➢ Available for 24 hours