Alliph legal translation services in Al Ain

Alliph legal translation services in Al Ain
Legal translation services
The translation of language used in legal settings and for legal purposes
is known as legal translation. Legal translation may also imply that it is a
type of translation that is only used in the legal field, which is not always
the case. As a result, legal translation is typically performed by
specialized law translators. Legal document translation is an essential
component of any business that works with people who speak different
languages. Legal translations may be required for a variety of reasons,
including approval for a local business license, the ability to merge the
business with another, or the hiring of an employee from another
country, among others.
Alliph offers legal translations at professional and certified level
Alliph provides professional legal translation services in Al Ain in a variety
of languages. Alliph offers significant translation services for a variety of
legal documents, legislative texts, and articles on legal topics, among
other things. Alliph’s dedicated translators understand the legal
requirements that are a primary requirement of the specific document
or targeted sector. Legal terms and knowledge are required for legal
translations, which Alliph and its translators possess. Alliph ensures the
authenticity of legal texts because certification is required for them to be
considered valid and officially lawful.
Alliph provides following types of legal translations:
➢ Legal business contracts and agreements
➢ Business related documents
➢ Apostilles
➢ Notarization
➢ Court related documents
➢ Real-estate documents
➢ Property related documents
➢ Corporate law
➢ Bankruptcy
➢ Criminal law
➢ Mergers and acquisitions
➢ Family law
➢ Immigration law
➢ Patents, trademarks and copyrights
➢ Arbitration
➢ Tax Law
➢ Intellectual property law
➢ Insurance law
➢ Product liability
➢ Labor and employment law
➢ Dockets translation
➢ Pleadings translation
➢ Memoranda translation
➢ Briefstranslation
➢ Orders translation
➢ Expert testimony translation
➢ Dishonor of cheque translation
➢ Application for child custody translation
➢ Sale documents formats translation
➢ Power of attorney translation
➢ Partnership agreements translation
➢ Indexes translation
➢ Court minutes translation
➢ Judgments translation
➢ Case files translation
➢ Witness lists translation
➢ Jury recordstranslation
➢ Wills, probate and inheritance-related documents etc.
Services that are offered by Alliph
✓ Experienced and reliable translation services
✓ Specialized and professional translators
✓ Single language to multilingual translations
✓ Confidentiality guaranteed
✓ Notarization of translation
✓ Privacy guaranteed
✓ Accurate and correct translation
✓ Delivers the quick translation services
✓ Translation provider at affordable price
✓ Provides the most trustworthy translations
✓ Determines to meet the needs of the costumers
✓ Delivers the services on time
✓ Briefly translates the documents
✓ Offers translations in over 130 languages
✓ Available for 24 hours
Expert translators of Alliph
Alliph consists a team of professional translators who have extensive
knowledge and experience in the subject matter, allowing them to use
proper terminology whenever necessary for whatever document is being
translated. The ethical obligations applicable to their subject area bind
Alliph’s professional translators. The translators of Alliph understand
how to translate specific words, phrases, and tenses and render them
correctly in another language, as well as how to retain the purpose and
meaning of the original document in such a way that the exact message
is promoted.