Alliph Legal Translation in Sharjah

Alliph Legal Translation in Sharjah
Alliph is a certified translation company that provides legal translations
in Sharjah in a variety of languages.
Alliph’s expert and specialised translators strive to provide accurate and
legal translations for a wide range of documents.
Alliph provides the following legal translations:
➢ Legal business contracts and agreements
➢ Business documents
➢ Apostilles
➢ Court documents
➢ Real-estate documents
➢ Corporate law
➢ Bankruptcy
➢ Criminal records
➢ Immigration documents
➢ Patents
➢ Intellectual property law
➢ Insurance documents
➢ Dockets translation
➢ Memoranda translation
➢ Application for child custody translation
➢ Power of attorney translation
➢ Partnership agreements translation
➢ Court minutes translation
➢ Case files translation
➢ Jury recordstranslation etc.
Alliph is made up of a team of professional translators who have
extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter, allowing
them to use proper terminology whenever necessary for whatever
document is being translated.
Alliph provides services to clients all over the country and the world,
delivering legal translations of exceptional quality in over 130
• Legal translation in Latvian
• Legal translation in Lithuanian
• Legal translation in Macedonian
• Legal translation in Chinese
• Legal translation in Croatian
• Legal translation in Czech
• legal translation in Danish
• Legal translation in Dutch
• Legal translation in English
• Legal translation in Estonian
• Legal translation in Malayalam
• Legal translation in Arabic
• Legal translation in Mandarin
• Legal translation in Hebrew etc.
By providing accurately translated legal documents, Alliph assists its
clients in achieving international success.