Alliph Legal Translation Company in Dubai
At Alliph, we work cooperatively with a team of linguists who have
extensive knowledge of legal systems from around the world. This
enables us to work on a wide range of projects in the global legal sector
while delivering flawless results every time.
As a result, all of our translators have a thorough understanding of the
relevant legal terminology and requirements for smoothly translating
legal documents.
Alliph’s legal linguists are experts in the following fields:
• Financial
• Judicial
• Immigration
• Technical
• Aviation
• Corporate and antitrust
• Tax, trusts and estates
• Patent and Intellectual Property (IP)
• Labor and employment
• Medical
• Education
• Child and family law
• Real estate etc.
Alliph provides legal translation services on time while ensuring that
each term translated by us is exactly the same as the original source
Alliph handles all types of legal documents, translating them into the
languages required by our clients.
Alliph provides a variety of legal translation services, including:
• Official documents
• Adoption papers
• Birth certificates
• College transcripts and diplomas
• Driver’s licenses
• Marriage certificates
• Medical records
• Name change court orders
• Passports
• Official contracts
• Business agreements etc.
Alliph has successfully cultivated an elite corps of specialised legal
translation professionals, project managers, and quality management
experts to provide our clients with the highest quality legal document
translations in the fastest possible time.
Alliph provides legal translation services in a variety of languages,

• Legal translation in Latvian
• Legal translation in Lithuanian
• Legal translation in Macedonian
• Legal translation in Chinese
• Legal translation in Croatian
• Legal translation in Czech
• legal translation in Danish
• Legal translation in Dutch
• Legal translation in English
• Legal translation in Estonian
• Legal translation in Malayalam
• Legal translation in Arabic
• Legal translation in Mandarin
• Legal translation in Hebrew etc.
Customers from all over the world can contact Alliph at any time of day
or night because we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.