Alliph legal and law translation services in Dubai

Alliph legal and law translation services in Dubai
Alliph the authorized translation company knows the importance of
delivering high-quality translations to its clients in the legal and law
sector in a timely manner. Legal and law translations by Alliph are only
performed by translators with a strong background in the field of law
translation. The translators of Alliph have an in-depth understanding of
common law and civil law legal systems used worldwide. The legal
translators of Alliph have an extensive knowledge of both legal jargon
language, technically complex terminology and provides instant
linguistic and cultural knowledgeable translations without errors in order
to provide an accurate translation. The translation services of Alliph
include editing, proofreading, transcription and desktop publishing etc.
Alliph also offer certified translation for official purposes, adhering to
governmental standards. The network of certified translators of Alliph
meet any of your official and authorized translation needs.
Alliph kinds of legal and law translation services
Intellectual Property
➢ Trademark
➢ Registrations
➢ Scientific opinions
➢ Lab reports and dissertations etc.
Corporate Law
➢ Market transactions
➢ Joint ventures
➢ Project finance etc.
Criminal Law
➢ Court document
➢ Evidence translation
➢ Court interpreting
➢ Audio translation
➢ Back-translation
➢ Sworn translation etc.
Commercial Law
➢ Property leases
➢ Tenders
➢ Contracts
➢ Intellectual property agreements etc.
The extensive range of Alliph services to the legal and law industry

➢ Immigration Law
➢ Case Law
➢ Civil Law
➢ Contract Law
➢ Family Law
➢ Copyright Law
➢ Sales and Acquisition
➢ Protocols and Patents
➢ Litigation
➢ Apostilles
➢ Audit reports
➢ Stakeholder information
➢ Newsletters
➢ Affidavits
➢ Annual Reports and many more.
Why Alliph is advantageous for legal and law translations
➢ Confidential Legal translations
➢ Privacy is one of our main priorities
➢ Confidently handles all kinds of law and legal translations
➢ Fully understand the sensitivity of legal and law content
➢ All documents and projects are kept under strict privacy guidelines
➢ We are ready and willing to sign non-disclosure agreements
Why choose Alliph?
✓ Immediate online quote translations
✓ Translation from and to any language
✓ Years of experience in translations
✓ Accurate legal translation services
✓ Considers the demand of customers
✓ Exact and controlled terminology
✓ 24\7 open doors for customer support
✓ Focuses to provide qualified translations
✓ Certified expertise
✓ Vast network of professionals
✓ Authorized translation organization
✓ 130 language translations