Alliph journalism translation services in Dubai

Alliph journalism translation services in Dubai
What is journalism?
Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating and presenting
news and information. It is also the product of these activities.
Journalism can be distinguished from other activities and products by
certain identifiable characteristics and practices.
What is the purpose of translation in journalism?
➢ The journalism translation is important as to make information
available or understandable to the target audience
➢ The journalism translation explains information about one culture in
a way that readers of another might understand it
➢ It will also help you to listen and understand various information
Does Alliph provide journalism translation?
Alliph is being providing journalism translation for a number of
individuals and large media companies around the world in a number of
languages. The translation services for journalism by Alliph is available in
more than 130 languages and around various language pairs. To ensure
the best possible quality besides being linguistic experts, Alliph offers
certified translations by passing it through a stringent process. Alliph
possess a very talented team of journalism translation specialists to
ensure high quality, satisfactory results and timely delivery.
What types of journalism translations are provided by Alliph?
➢ Investigative translation services
➢ News translation services
➢ Reviews translation services
➢ Columns translation services
➢ Feature writing translation services etc.
How much does journalism translation cost?
It depends upon the content types, words, turnaround time and on the
complexity of the content and the source and target language. So, it
varies accordingly. After reviewing the content, Alliph quote the cost of
project accordingly.
Which type of services do Alliph provide?
➢ Alliph provides accurate and superfast translation services to our
➢ Alliph provides translations in a number of industries with knowledge
of field
➢ Alliph provides urgent translation services for different documents
➢ Alliph provides translations by the expert translators who are preapproved linguists with certification
➢ Alliph provides real-time translation memory
➢ Alliph offers terminology management to ensure linguistic accuracy
and consistency across multiple translators
➢ Alliph delivers the fastest document translation services in the market
➢ Alliph is the best translation provider in the translation industry with
the best language solutions
➢ Alliph gives great importance to the quality of its translations
➢ Alliph work with a team of dedicated proofreaders who check every
translated document in terms of readability, grammar, and style
➢ Alliph offer unlimited revisions to its clients
➢ Alliph provides easy-to-use translation platform
➢ Alliph offers 24/7 translation service