Alliph Interpretation Services in Dubai

Alliph Interpretation Services in Dubai
Interpretation services are the provision of spoken or signed language
communication by a professional interpreter to convey a message from
the original speaker’s or writer’s language into the listener’s language.
Alliph is the only company that can schedule and deliver an in-person
interpreter to your facility whenever and wherever it is needed. The
Certified Translation Organization, Alliph, provides a solution to the need
for face-to-face interpretation in spoken languages.
We provide interpretation services for:
➢ Business meetings
➢ Negotiations
➢ Training sessions
➢ Tours
➢ Seminars
➢ Judicial proceedings
➢ Depositions
➢ Conferences
➢ Event etc.
Alliph provides interpretation services in more than 130 languages:
• Arabic language
• Albanian language
• Bosnian language
• Bulgarian language
• Czech language
• Danish language
• Dutch language
• English language
• Estonian language
• Finnish language
• Flemish language
• German language
• Greek language
• Hebrew language
• Hungarian language
• Icelandic language
• Italian language
• Japanese language
• Latvian language
• Lithuanian language
• Macedonian language
• Malay language
• Malayalam language
• Maltese language
• Mandarin language
• Portuguese language
• Romanian language
• Russian language
• Serbian language
• Spanish language
• Swedish language
• Tagalog language
• Tamil language
• Thai language
• Turkish language etc.
Alliph provides professional interpretation services in over a number of
languages for the commercial, medical, legal, and government sectors.
We have redefined language interpretation by providing on-demand and
just-in-time interpreting services via mobile phone or on-site, for 24
hours around the world.