Alliph documents translation services in Dubai

Alliph documents translation services in Dubai
Alliph the licensed
translation company in Dubai provides competent
translation services that offers the diverse languages for various
purposes. Alliph provides the documental translation services from and
to different languages, as various types of contents oblige to have
appropriate translations in required languages, Alliph is the solution to
provide authentic translation services in over 130 languages for
marketable purposes or for daily use with fast and precise services. Alliph
upholds the standard and delivers reliable translation services for all
kinds of documentations and certifications. The precision of the Alliph
translation services ensures the work done and makes the clients to have
trust on the organization. Alliph is a prominent translation service
provider and thus, it is preferred by many people around the world.
Why is translation of documents important?
Translation is necessary for the spreading new information, knowledge,
and ideas across the world. It is absolutely necessary to achieve effective
communication between different cultures. At the same time translation
services provide the ability for two parties to communicate and exchange
ideas from different countries. Documental translations for diverse
range of industrial areas is important to convey message in proper
language and dialect that can allow the target association to understand
Categories of documents translated by Alliph

Promotional Literature
➢ Brochures
➢ Booklets
➢ Pamphlets
➢ Catalogues
➢ Sales and publicity literature
➢ Advertising copy
Technical Documents
➢ Product catalogues
➢ Product manuals
➢ Modes of use of machinery
➢ Drawings
➢ Standards
➢ Specifications
➢ Service instructions
➢ IT documentation
➢ Software manuals
Commercial Documents
➢ Contracts
➢ Agreements
➢ Customs documentation
➢ Tender contracts/invitations/offers
➢ Annual reports
➢ Business correspondence
➢ Papers related to banking, insurance, finance, taxation
➢ Reports, Minutes of a meeting, agendas
Legal Documents
➢ Contracts
➢ Affidavits
➢ Police reports, FIR
➢ Lawsuit documents
➢ Land deals
➢ Birth Certificate
➢ Marriage Certificate
➢ School/College Leaving Certificate
➢ Death Certificate
➢ Registration Certificate
➢ Ration card
➢ Degree and Diploma Certificates
Scientific Documents
➢ Research papers
➢ Patent documents
Audio Visuals
➢ Film dubbing
➢ Film scripts
➢ Recorded speeches from conferences
➢ Narration work for films
➢ Video tapes, slides, audio tapes in different foreign languages
➢ Company profile presentations
➢ Voice-over
➢ Interpreter
➢ All types of books
➢ Websites etc.
Which services do Alliph provides?
✓ Accredited and certified
✓ Images of accreditations
✓ Global offices in relevant locations
✓ Financial security
✓ 24/7 global customer service and operations
✓ Around the globe image
✓ Industry specialization
✓ Approach to vetting translators
✓ Structured approach to project management
✓ Project manager qualifications
✓ Guidelines for quality assurance
✓ Reconciliation process for back translation
✓ Client review stage
✓ Data security
✓ Confidentiality processes and policies