Alliph deposition translation services in Dubai offers the deposition translation services with covering a wide range of languages. Depositions are the legal terms that require certified translation services as deposition is an extremely valuable discovery tool, helping attorneys gather information (testimony, evidence and data) that will be used to structure their case as they prepare for trial. So, is here to deliver the specialized translation services for depositions. The depositions are generally used for two purposes:

  1. Find out what you know
  2. Preserve your testimony for later use (either in motions to be filed with the Court or at trial)

Types of deposition translation services by

  1. Discovery depositions:
  2. It is an oral testimony of witness which is taken under the oath before trial
  3. At this, most of the objections are available at trial but does not apply
  4. The case related questions are answered by the themselves and the information that is relevant to the case is delivered
  5. Evidence depositions:
  6. It is the out of court statement given under oath by any person involved in the case
  7. It is used  at the trial or in preparation for trial
  8. This type of depositions can also be taken to have a testimony of important witnesses who can’t appear during the trial

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