Alliph Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Alliph Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai
Alliph is a qualified professional translation company that provides
certified legal translation services in over 130 languages.
Alliph provides fast, accurate, and proficient translation services in
multiple languages, whether the translation is for global marketing of
your merchandise, commercialization of business marketing, or personal
Alliph’s certified and legal translators guarantee that the translation is
accurate and flawless.
Alliph provides certified legal translation services for a variety of

✓ Translations for Healthcare department
✓ Translations for Governmental department
✓ Translations for Social services department
✓ Translations for Finance department
✓ Translations for Medical department
✓ Translations for Technical department
✓ Translations for Law department
✓ Translations for Judicial department
✓ Translations for Travel and Hospitality department
✓ Translations for Telecommunication department
✓ Translations for official department
✓ Translations for Education department
✓ Translations for Media department
✓ Translations for Manufacturing department etc.
Alliph’s translators are qualified and provide a certified translation by
signing and attaching a certificate of accuracy to the completed
Alliph provides accredited translations for all legal needs. We are
authorized to notarize and certify your documents and contracts.
Alliph provides certified legal translation services in the following
Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian
Malay Catalan Chinese
Croatian Czech Danish
Dutch English Estonian
Malayalam Slovak Spanish
Arabic Armenian Swedish
Maltese Mandarin German
Greek Hebrew Hindi
Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian
Italian Japanese French and many more.
Many government and official agencies, embassies, consulates, and
other organizations have approved and accepted the translations by
Alliph, a certified translation agency.
Alliph is available around the clock to provide customer service