Alliph Certified Language Solution in Dubai

Alliph Certified Language Solution in Dubai
Alliph Certified Translation Company offers language solutions to
customers all over the world in and to a variety of languages as needed.
We have the experience, team, and professional standards to provide
you with linguistic solutions that will prove to be a valuable asset.
We search the world for linguists who are uniquely qualified to provide
translation services for a variety of documents at Alliph.
Alliph offers language solutions for all text types:
Promotional Literature
• Brochures
• Booklets
• Pamphlets
• Catalogues
Technical Documents
• Product manuals
• Modes of use of machinery
• Service instructions
• IT documentation
• Software manuals
Commercial Documents
• Tender contracts/invitations/offers
• Annual reports
• Business correspondence
• Papers related to banking, insurance, finance, taxation
• Reports, Minutes of a meeting, agendas
Legal Documents
• Contracts
• Affidavits
• Police reports, FIR
• Lawsuit documents
• Birth Certificate
• Power of attorney
• Memorandum of understanding
• Initial public offering
• Marriage Certificate
• School/College Certificate
• Death Certificate
• Registration Certificate
• Degree and Diploma Certificates
Scientific Documents
• Research papers
• Medical report
General Documents
• All types of books
• Company profile presentations
• Websites etc.
We offer human-based translation services, and our translators have
earned the right to interpret or translate for clients by meeting the
industry’s highest standards.
When you interact with Alliph, you get instant access to language
solutions that are fast, accurate, and scalable.
Alliph provides language solutions in a number of languages, including:
• Albanian translation services
• Arabic translation services
• Danish translation services
• Dutch translation services
• English translation services
• French translation services
• German translation services
• Greek translation services
• Romanian translation services
• Russian translation services
• Tamil translation services
• Malay translation services etc.
We go to great lengths to ensure security and confidentiality.
Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week as part
of our complimentary support services.
Alliph is a successful company in the language-access industry. On our
team, we have highly trained and skilled linguists.