Alliph Arabic Translation Services in Dubai

Alliph Arabic Translation Services in Dubai
Alliph, a certified and experienced Translation Company in Dubai,
provides Arabic language translation services for a range of documents.
Alliph’s network of legal Arabic translators is made up of seasoned
industry professionals.
Alliph provides precise translation as well as stringent quality control to
ensure accuracy and a high translation standard.
Alliph provides Arabic translation services in the following fields:
Arabic Medical Translation
• Medical reports
• Clinical protocols
• Informed Consent Forms
• Clinical trial agreements
• User manuals for medical devices
• Study drug labels
• Case Report Forms (CRF)
• Localization of medical software etc.
Arabic Technical Translation
• Technical manuals and user guides
• Tenders and proposal
• Material handling documents, SDS
• Engineering documents
• Technical drawings
• Data sheets
• Web content etc.
Arabic Legal Translation
• Contracts
• Immigration papers
• Intellectual property
• Patents
• Court documents
• Employment agreements etc.
Arabic Business Translation
• Annual reports
• Business plans
• Proposals etc.
Alliph offers Arabic translation services by specialized and trained
translators who can translate each document exactly as the original
without distorting the original meaning.
We are available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our team members are dedicated to providing a solution for any type of
translation in a timely and cost-effective manner.