Alliph academic\educational organization translation services in Dubai

Alliph academic\educational organization translation services in Dubai
What is academic and educational translation?
Academic\educational organization translation is essentially any type of
translation having to do with academics or educational institute. This
includes article translation services, diploma and/or essay translation, to
translate academic papers, and presentation translation as well as
translations of journals etc.
Why is it necessary to have translations for academic and educational

Academic and educational institutions require interpretation and
translation services to ensure that every student has the opportunity to
progress academically. In addition to communicating with students, in
many cases, interpreter services and translation services are also
necessary to keep limited-English proficient parents and guardians
informed about their child’s academic progress and needs. Educational
translations are needed for the students who continues their further
studies\education in some foreign country where their native language
is not officially spoken etc.
Is Alliph a provider of academic\educational organization translation

Alliph provide you with an accurate and eloquent academic\educational
organization translation services to ensure that your submission meets
the highest academic\educational standards. All of the
academic\educational translators of Alliph are native speakers of the
target language and all projects include editing and revision by our
managing editors. Scholars from around the world trust us to translate
their research papers, journal articles, essays, conference papers,
reports, books, dissertations and theses etc. Alliph work with all major
languages and can help you with your specific requirements. The services
and translations by Alliph are delivered so efficiently with accuracy and
zero error.
What kind of papers do Alliph translate for academic\educational
➢ Diploma Translation
➢ Transcript Translation
➢ PowerPoint Translation
➢ Translations of Recommendation Letters
➢ Academic Research Translation
➢ Syllabus translation
➢ Translations of Course descriptions
➢ E-learning and Training courses
➢ Diplomas for elementary, secondary, and High School
➢ Term papers
➢ Academic Records
➢ Teaching materials
➢ Early development and education materials
➢ Community Notices and Bulletins
➢ Report Cards
➢ Standard Letters
➢ Standard Email Communication Notices
➢ Brochures and Pamphlets
➢ Student and Parent Forms
➢ Legal Documents
➢ School Bus Schedules
➢ Course Descriptions
➢ Class Schedules
➢ Academic references
➢ Academic publications
➢ Financial Aid Information
➢ Enrollment and Registration Information
➢ Course Descriptions and Class Schedules
➢ Legal Documents
➢ Transcript Request Forms
➢ Testing and Lecture Materials
➢ Textbooks
➢ Learning materials
➢ Student handbook translation
➢ E-learning website translation
➢ Admissions document translation
➢ Application translation
➢ Learning software translation and localization service
➢ College transcripts translation etc.
What kind of services are offered by Alliph?
✓ Meet deadlines
✓ Delivers high quality translations
✓ Experienced project managers
✓ Professional translators
✓ Certified linguists support
✓ Quality certifications
✓ Seamless service delivery
✓ Cost-effective solution
✓ Multilingual services
✓ 24\7 customer services
✓ 130 language translation services
✓ Human based services
✓ Project management control system
✓ Secure document sharing system
✓ Specialized translators
✓ Translation services of all types